If the thrust of a pneumatic cylinder is insufficient for the type of application for which it was intended, it is possible, using a pressure multiplier, increase the operating pressure.

They are available in three sizes, 40mm diameter, 63mm and 100mm, with compression ratios of 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, with the possibility of intervening by means of a pressure reducer on the inlet pressure. So doing, it doubles the pressure, thus obtaining the exact value in the output.

The connections are for the diameter by 40mm 1/8 " of 5mm passage, for 63mm 3/8" to nominal diameter by 7mm and the 100 by 1/2" "with 12mm passage.

Central body, bottoms side, cylinder heads, pistons and spool while the aluminum alloy stem and fixing screws are stainless.

All seals and O rings are made ​​of NBR except that the piston seal is in Polyurethane PU 93Sh.

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