Oilless compressors

Dry compressor surprising for completeness, quality and performance. Designed to be the forefront of technology of oil-free, the new range of oil-free compressors uses the most modern design and is manufactured to provide excellence in all applications where the choice of the dry air is required.

Silent compressors

Range of silent compressors oil complete with a start switch on the pressure, double protection to the engine through thermal relay and the relay socket. Adjustable air outlets. Automatic unloading system of the head.

Professional oilless compressors

Compressor with high reliability and suitable for any professional use. We provide silent compressors, compressors continuous cycle compressor with dryer and air filtration systems of all types

Dental compressors/Medical compressors

Designed for use in the dental sector, health, cosmetics or to operate delicate machinery which can not be contaminated by impurities in the air. The dry oil-free compressors are available in dental compressors, silent compressors, compressor with air dryer. On request it is possible to set-up the pressure reduction of up to 10 bar.

Rotary screw compressors

Made for an efficient and consistent performance over time, profiles of our screws provide more air flow with less power consumption. The high-quality bearings and high-precision machining ensures quiet operation and low maintenance costs.